Program Management ... Our route to safety


Regardless of the discipline employed – Architecture, Engineering, and Planning – amaInternational offers a number of value-added benefits that come as an integral part of doing business. All of the following services could apply, if needed, to any of the areas under amaInternational’s control.


amaInternational offers a comprehensive program management service in relation to building and/or community development. This means that we could undertake to coordinate and control multiple, interrelated building projects at a variety of levels. We can assist owners, financial institutions, sureties, and others to reduce risk in their multiple programs. The way we do this is through a review and report schedule that monitors project details; from set-up objectives through plans and priorities to process controls. By doing this we provide an overview of the various projects in hand and so, especially in cases of large projects and developments, our clients are rapidly able to identify and resolve any issues that may occur. 

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