A successful business starts with planning and design


amaInternational’s approach to designing and planning places of all scales and sizes begins with a comprehensive understanding of how the environment to be created and the lives of the people for whom it is being created will interact and how these will shape each other. 

Whether they are working on a multi-acre corporate landscape, a small urban park, or a year-round resort, our landscape architects and urban designers consider the site’s physical surroundings and the needs of the client as well as the financial mechanisms, long-term community effects, implementation, maintenance, and management of the project. We consider every aspect – from the systems: including streets, parks plazas, and gardens, to the mix of buildings: multi-dwellings, commercial spaces, vehicular flows when developing a pleasing landscape. Our work takes place in a variety of settings, from established downtowns to new communities. Our projects incorporate practicality with quality and attractiveness.

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