(Architecture) is our middle name


This is a particular strength for amaInternational as our founders are thoroughly experienced and qualified in this field. We specialize in architectural planning and engineering to support our project management and construction divisions. Our approach to service provision is very essential, and as we came from the GCC & MENA region, we completely understand its needs as we are particularly well placed to deliver these services successfully. 

We believe in embracing our associates’ and clients’ culturally-led identities as well as in developing architectural responses to suit the clients, sectors, and countries in which we operate. In responding to the varied conditions and demands of climate, culture, economics, and vision, we are able to deliver buildings and developments that have become – by their scope and aesthetic – landmarks in their locations. 


amaInternational experts create innovative and sustainable engineering designs for buildings. They ensure that every project meets and exceeds the expectations of clients as well as buildings’ users. To this end, they combine local market knowledge with technical expertise. By using a multidisciplinary approach to building design, our engineering team produces cost-effective, functional, inspiring solutions to architectural expressions.

We are rapidly building a name for our creative and sustainable designs, which, from the outset, embrace low-carbon and economic operational performance. 

Our professionals from around the world strive to deliver visionary buildings that maximize naturally occurring energy and minimize waste. From creation to completion and beyond, amaInternational is dedicated to helping clients reach the optimal potential of every project.

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